A $250 Reservation fee is taken to hold your picked puppy. 
This is Non-refundable please make sure you 100% want your picked puppy before you reserve him/her.  
No puppy will be sold as a gift the whole family must agree to welcome the puppy into the home.  The legal owner of the puppy will sign my contract. Choosing a puppy/dog is a big commitment!  12- 15 years! ❤🐾🐕
This reservation fee goes towards the deposit sent to our veterinarian for the Health Certificate appointment.

*** If you rent please make sure you're allowed to own a Siberian Husky. 
*** If you own your home make sure your home owners insurance covers Siberian Huskies and if you live in a condo or home owners association please make sure you can also. 

Links to the questionnaire 🐾 👇👇👇🐾



 This is the BEST choice for a puppy that will be a family pet. All puppies go home with a AKC reunite mircochip that is good for the lifetime of the pet. AKC or UKC papers will be signed over after proof of being altered.  
(Spay / Neuter) - Our contract says not before 12 month's old and not exceeding 24 months old. (This is for the best health and growth of your puppy) $1200.00



We share ownership of the puppy/dog until the contract is met. 
-Health testing: OFA eyes @ 1 and 2 years, OFA hips and elbows @ 24 months old, DNA on file with AKC and Embark sent our for traits and dna health screening. 
- Titled UKC CH (I will help you with this) 
- Stud contract: After health testing is done and the dog is titled I get 2 (two) stud services to my pick of dames.
- Dame contract: After health testing is done and the dog is titled, I will pick a stud for her first litter and pick 2 (two) puppies of the litter to keep/show or sell. 
After the contract is met I take myself off the papers and make you the primary owner of the dog with the Full Papers. $2500